Moving to Good News

by Frankie Leo

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released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Frankie Leo Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: My Longing, My Love
Thou hast made me
Hast formed me to fear not
I have been redeemed

Lead me through waters
The raging rivers will not touch me
I am Thine own

Be my longing, oh my God
For you long for me
Be my love, oh my King
For how much you love me

I will walk through fire
The flames around me consume me not
I am thy pursuit

Hence I have no option
I have nothing else, nothing beside Thee
Oh but it's all I need
Track Name: Simple Sacrifices
I will find pleasure in the shame
Taken for the glory of His name
For I am only found complete
When I lay my body before His feet

All these simple sacrifices
Are merely simple excercises
So come my God through me
As my flesh dies out
Set your Spirit free
Come Yahweh through me

I have found a peaceful place
Only by the goodness of His grace
For the sufferings I now claim
Are for a lasting joy for a glorious day
Track Name: All Ye Citizens
All ye citizens of God
Rise up from the ashes
And tell to the masses
Of how Christ saved you from sin

Tell of his story again
With vivid description
And detailed depiction
Of how He has made us His kin

For what else do we have to live
For what else have we to do

Sing of His enduring love
So low and so high
So deep and so wide
No mind can quite comprehend

Proclaim His grace once again
And never keep quiet
And never be silent
Until we have come to the end
Track Name: A Sweet Sound
Hold my tongue
Until Love has come
Until Love has come to me

Cease my thoughts
If they ought not
If they ought not think on Thee

Unto Thee may my life be
A sweet sound
Unto Thee may my heart bring
A sweet sound

Blind my eyes
If they hope to find
If they hope to find fool's gold

Lame my feet
If they walk the street
If they walk the street of destruction
Track Name: He Opened Not His Mouth
He was wounded for our transgressions
Crushed down for our iniquities
And upon him was the chastisement
That brought us an everlasting peace
And by his wounds we have been set free

Surely he has bore our griefs
And carried away our sorrows
Yet we esteemed him stricken
Smitten by God and afflicted so

We like sheep have gone astray
We have turned everyone of us to his own way
And the Lord hath laid on His only Son
The iniquity that all we had done
Track Name: Living
It's a constant struggle
Yet Jesus came for me
And I find him utterly worthy

And as I claim these grounds
For now
I will choose to live like Him
And love another, and another

Living is a wonderful opportunity
To love the ones that stand and struggle next to me

Rodents are biting
At my feet
As I walk along with Thee
But they flee at the sound of Thy speech

So speak and keep on
As we walk along together
Let me not wander away

Living is extravagant if I can keep my eyes
On He that stays with me for more than the night
Track Name: Feed Upon the Father's Love
Feed upon the Father's love
Drink up it's overflowing
Know that his grace is just enough
And his mercies are every morning

Forget we not our only reason
To live and breathe our life
And as we walk throughout each season
Only Christ be glorified

Christ be glorified forever
Yahweh's name be praised forever

Take haste unto every hour
To serve unto unto the loveless
His word our daily bread devour
So that his work be finished
Track Name: At Such Fault
He keeps me living
And keeps me living
And keeps me dying
And by His mighty hand I keep surviving

Why should I dwell on
What might be next
I will be satisfied
That He knows best
And He does know best

I know He hears me
And does draw near me
And when all hope seems lost
He stands behind me

So come my brother
And my dear sister
Let us live for him
Right now or never
And live forever

I am at such great fault
This happens on a regular basis
But Your love consistently erases
This off my plate

You give all for me
And I am by no means worth it
But Your love is by all means perfect
And you give it to me

You knew the smell of sin
But never the taste of it
So that i might be rid
Of all of my nakedness

You put my fault on your back
And carried it into the ground
Then out of the same dirt
The glorious salvation was found
Your glory was found
Track Name: I Cannot Speak
I cannot speak Thy name enough
For it is like honey to my lips
No other name but of love
The name of Jesus, yes it is

The name of Jesus, let it thrive
Forever in our hearts, forever in our minds
The name of Jesus, so sweet
Like a beautiful fount flowing magnificently
Oh precious Jesus

I found a key to heal my pain
A name to whom I can call onto
I will stand on Thee my Lord
Stand on the name that hath brought me through
Track Name: Do You Know?
Do you know
Do you really know how much He loves you

Do you know
Do you really know how much He cares

You ask me about the storm
And ask me about the sickness
And how about all of this war
The death and the tragic destruction

And I cannot answer these questions
All I know is of redemption
And the joy he's placed in my heart
Track Name: We Have Been Washed
We have been washed in the blood of the Lamb
And only bu the blood we have been made clean
For without Christ our souls would be damned
But some kind of love cast our sin into the sea
Our sin into the sea

All who weary set your burdens free
All who are captive be prisoners no more
The dept we owed has been relieved
Only by the grace and the love of our Lord

To all who wander in the desert lands
All who have no place to call home
Christ is reaching out his nail-pierced hands
To bind up the broken and call them his own

All who are needy, everyone
Let go of your self and let go of your pride
Receive now the Father, the Spirit, the Son
For only in your death will you find true life